10 Accessories to Upgrade Your Electric Scooter

10 Accessories to Upgrade Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are a popular choice of personal transport for good reasons – they’re quick, convenient, and eco-friendly. What’s more, they’re super easy to customise. In this post we break down that second point and cover 10 accessories to help you upgrade your electric scooter and truly make it your own.

1. Helmet

Kali Zoka Electric Scooter Helmet

We know how tempting it is to go for a ride right after you unbox and set up your electric scooter. That being said, you probably want to wait until you have a helmet first. In comparison to other modes of personal transport, e-scooters tend to be involved in a smaller proportion of accidents. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it safe. 

There are plenty of electric scooter helmets to choose from, for a variety of situations, and some come with additional features like a breakaway visor or an accessory mounting system so you can attach a camera to record your ride. We recommend you invest in a high-quality helmet that’s made of robust materials and will offer you optimal protection no matter what. 

2. Safety gear

Kali Mission Knee Guards

We know how fast electric scooters can go. Just as it makes sense to protect your head with a helmet, so too does it make sense to protect your body with reliable gloves and elbow and knee guards. The former are also great for chilly rides, especially in winter! Look for gloves that are armoured, padded, and provide an excellent grip. As for guards, they should be easy to slip on or off while still providing high-performance shock-absorbing protection.

3. Lights (front and rear)

NF and NF Plus L4 Light

Most high-end electric scooters come with a good set of front lights and tail lights. Still, if you plan on riding your electric scooter at night, then you should seriously consider installing extra lights (as well as picking up reflective clothing). There are different types of lights – including brake lights, rear deck lights, deck light strips – and we recommend checking out the entire range before deciding on the right light accessories for your electric scooter. 

4. Lock

Dualtron Fingerprint Lock

If you’re thinking about how to keep your electric scooter safe, then the best thing to do is pick up a good quality lock. There are different types of locks available, from u-locks and chain locks to digital locks like the Dualtron Fingerprint or E-Twow Fingerprint – both of which rely on fingerprint security to power on your electric scooter. As accessories go, this one’s a real no-brainer. You’ve purchased an excellent electric scooter, now protect it with an excellent lock.  

5. Bracket

Dualtron Bracket

While it isn’t necessarily an obvious choice, a bracket can be a really practical and convenient accessory for your electric scooter. You can use it to attach spare headlights or to carry a bag for you to store your belongings. 

6. Hand pump

GIYO hand pump

In our post on how to service your electric scooter, we talk about how important it is to look after your tyres. Often this requires checking that the tyre pressure is suitable for riding, and topping it up if need be. A hand pump with a pressure gauge – like this one by GIYO – makes this easy to do by yourself. Look for one that’s compact, dustproof, with a lock-up lever which ensures your gas nozzle won’t slip when you’re using it.  

7. Footrest

Dualtron Footrest

There are two reasons why you should upgrade your electric scooter with a footrest. Firstly, it extends your deck to provide extra room for you to easily change positions and adopt a comfortable stance while riding. Secondly, it just looks cool. Though, to be serious, some footrests also serve as a handle, as seen in the Dualtron Achilleus, lending the electric scooter an added degree of portability. 

8. Rear Wing

Dualtron Rear Wing v2

Another upgrade for your electric scooter that really ramps up the style factor is a rear wing. They’re great for protecting your rear wheel and ensuring dust or water doesn’t flick on your back when riding. Make sure you look for a rear wing that’s made from high-value, pressure-resistant materials. 

9: Seat Kit

Dualtron Seat Kit

An unconventional choice of upgrade, but a seat can make cruising on longer rides more comfortable, while stabilising top-speed rides and making them safer. A good seat kit should include a cushioned seat, a high-strength seat post, and a seat mount with screws. Bear in mind that only certain electric scooters, like models by Dualtron, are compatible with seats. 

10. Bags

Storage bags are another terrific accessory for electric scooters. Unlike common backpacks, electric scooter storage bags are weatherproof and hardy, with some coming with fittings that allow them to be easily attached to your electric scooter (for example, check out this handlebar bag). They are also meant to subtly add to your electric scooter, and so are designed to be sleek and stylish.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of accessories for electric scooters, though it does represent upgrades which we feel will have a substantial impact on improving the safety, comfort and style of your ride. If you’re keen to learn more, check out our section on upgrades and parts.