Dualtron Mini Review

Dualtron Mini Review

The Dualtron range  are always eye catching, powerful and fun electric scooters. The Dualtron Mini  is no exception, and quality of the Dualtron Mini  even though it's the lowest price Dualtron scooter is second to none. The design of the scooter is simple but stylish and has the lit up stem, Minimotors EYE throttle  and other Dualtron features.

The Dualtron Mini  is built from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and steel. This makes the scooter light and it's also foldable. 

The Dualtron Mini  has a great 1,450W hub motor with a top speed of 32 mph. This scooter can also climb slopes and hills easily, so even if you are not looking for the speed, if you're looking for range and power this si a step up from entry level scooters like the  Xiaomi range. 

One thing that we really like is that the Dualtron Mini has a cruise control mode which keeps the speed steady. The rear drum brake on the  Dualtron Mini is strong enough to be 100% on or off roads. The ABS can offer extra security, preventing the electric scooter to slip on the terrain.

This is the smallest and most compact scooter from  Dualtron and it's also great value for money. You are getting a compact scooter with the speed, range and power of a dual motor scooter!

Tyres and wheels

The Dualtron Mini  has 9’’ pneumatic tires. This size is the perfect size for the scooter and an inner tube is needed inside the tyre. The Dualtron Mini  is comfortable with an enhances spring rubber suspension. We sell various different suspension cartridges if you want this to be firmer or softer. They are changeable! Most importantly, the Dualtron Mini  is a safe and comfortable ride.


The Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter  has great lights so that you can see in the dark and it  has the Dualtron LED lights up the stem which change colour!  It has a rear brake light, headlights and two front lights. 

All the lights are customisable through the LED remote that comes included with the scooter.


The deck of the Dualtron Mini is smaller than all of the other scooters within the Dualtron range. It's big enough for two feet to sit on comfortably and it's compact with a foot rest at the back which we love!

It also has a kick stand which is convenient. 


The Dualtron Mini has a single rear drum brake. It can be operated with the brake lever on the handlebars and it also has ABS.

Check out the Dualtron Mini today and the full specs here, it comes in a 13ah or 17.5ah.