Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter Review

Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter Review

The Dualtron Storm, what a scooter! We were so excited to unbox this after a long wait and straight away you can see the quality. It's polished and feels perfect. There has been a lot of talk about the stem on certain scooters but when putting the scooter together you can feel that every component is solid, the stem also feel solid and strong which was great to see. There is no stem wobble even at high speeds which is fantastic to see and what a relief!

Like most scooters, the stem is a OK height, if you are over 6 foot you might struggle with it being too short but I hope they will being out an extended stem at some point. It was perfect for me at 5ft 9.

I love the suspension on the Dualtron Storm, Dualtron suspension is always slightly stiff but I think they make it this way on purpose. The suspension is good at a high speed and it just feels safe. 

The deck is slightly wider than the Dualtron Thunder by approx 1cm and it's comfortable to stand on. The  edge of the deck is covered in rubber and this certainly does improve the grip.

What I was delighted about was the footrest. It's a must on a scooter for this power and speed and the fact that the Storm has this built in now is brilliant. This also adds great comfort when riding the Dualtron Storm as it fit's the scooter perfectly rather than adding a footrest on afterwards. It helps your standing position when riding too!  .

The frame is extremely solid, the supported weight is 150 Kg which is more than any other Dualtron Electric Scooter. You can also access the bolt in the folding stem to adjust and tighten which is a fantastic improvement from previous models.

The scooter is not waterproof but water resistant, there are drainage holes at the bottom of the deck and it won't withstand being submerged in water or really heavy rain. I would avoid riding in the rain! 

The Dualtron Storm has a detachable battery which can be lifted out from the deck. The charging ports are on the top rather than the side of the scooter. The deck also comes with detachable side panels which are replaceable and great for maintenance as these can be replaced and I wouldn't imagine that that would cost too much.  

All in all it is great to ride, there are 6,640W in total with a 72V Battery. It has a larger battery than the Dualtron Thunder but similar power. The battery can be removed with a key and apparently Minimotors will be making and selling spare battery packs later on this year. 

The Dualtron Storm features the Minimotors EYE throttle like all of their other models and a new control panel which is great. 

All in all the Dualtron Storm it's one of the best electric scooters on the market and at £3,999 it's worth every penny! 

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