Dualtron X2 Review

Dualtron X2 Review

The Dualtron X2 what a scooter! We are pretty sure that this is the most powerful and most exciting electric scooter available in the UK right now and we have it in stock! 


The Dualtron X2 is unique in it's looks and it certainly stands out, we were so excited to receive this scooter and it's certainly eye catching!

With a 72V 42AH – LG – Li-ion battery and a sub 60V 3AH – LG – Li-ion battery it will allow you to ride the scooters for around 10 hours/ 90 miles. You can also charge it with 2 standard chargers to fast charge the scooter.

The DUALTRON X2 has a very large frame, it's strong, stable, solid and comfortable. It's also heavy so if you need to carry this up and down stairs, it's not going to be the right scooter for you!  

It does fold but this is only to store, it weights 66Kg so it's heavy. It has the new Minimotors panel like the Dualtron Storm to control the lights and Eco/ Turbo mode and on the right side you'll see the accelerator and LCD display. 

The Dualtron X2  has huge 13’’ ultra-wide tubeless tires, they are absolutely great and the best tyres we have experienced on an e-scooter. They provide enhanced balance and stability; they’re also ideal for off-roading but most of all, they are comfortable, especially on rough or bumpy ground. The tyres are also tubeless so they are the easy to replace if or when is needed.



The Dualtron X2 has lots of lights! It has the standard and signature Dualtron lights on the stem and lights on the deck. There are additional lights under the deck and on the rims.

The Dualtron X2 also has indicators and a Dual LED front lamp.


The Deck is huge compared to other electric scooters on the market, you can comfortably stand on this scooter as well as get a seat. 


The Dualtron X2 has hydraulic front and rear brakes which are certainly needed for a scooter of this size and weight.