How Far Can You Go on an Electric Scooter?

How Far Can You Go on an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation, and while they’re not yet legal in public areas, it’s still useful to know just how far you can ride yours before the battery gives up the ghost.

In this blog post, we outline everything you need to know about the range of an electric scooter, and offer handy tips to maximise and even extend the distance you can travel on one battery charge.

Electric scooters: What is their range?

Of course, this is a tricky question to answer. From the e-scooter model to the rider to the terrain: there are so many variables which will all impact on just how far your electric scooter will be able to travel on one full battery charge.

With that said, manufacturers do provide an average range for all their models. Here are just a few example makes and models stocked by us, with their manufacturer-specified ranges:

Make & Model



Bravo Hop Electric Scooter


9-15 miles / 15–25 km

Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite Electric Scooter


30 miles / 48 km

Dualtron Victor Electric Scooter


50-60 miles / 80-96 km

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Pro Electric Scooter


93 miles / 150 km

Dualtron Ultra II Electric Scooter


75-87 miles / 120-140 km

Dualtron X II Electric Scooter


80-93 miles /130-150km

As you can see, the estimated range of these electric scooters is quite varied – but as a rule, the more premium the e-scooter, the greater the range. This is largely due to premium electric scooters being fitted with more powerful batteries.

How to maximise the range of your electric scooter

If you want to travel as efficiently as you can on your electric scooter, there are some easy ways to maximise the range, to clock as many miles as you can on one full battery. 

  • Ride in the optimal mode and speed for maximum range
  • Inflate your tyres to the optimal level, if you have air-filled tyres
  • Keep your electric scooter clean
  • Never completely drain the battery
  • Ensure your breaks free fully when not applied

Ride in the optimal mode and speed for maximum range

Every motor vehicle has an optimal mode and speed for maximum range, whether that be a car, moped, e-bike or e-scooter. The optimal speed and mode for your scooter will depend on the make and model. Check your user manual to find this information, or contact the manufacturer.

Inflate your tyres to the optimal level

Having tyres which are too soft will greatly reduce the range you can achieve because more of their surface will make contact with the ground as they turn, which creates more friction. Ensure that your tyres are pressured to the correct PSI, as this will help you to travel as far as you can on one charged battery. Of course, if your e-scooter has solid tyres, you don’t need to worry about this part!

Keep your electric scooter clean

Keeping your e-scooter clean can make a surprising difference to the range it can achieve. Mud and build-up can reduce how aerodynamic your e-scooter is, and also seize up parts which mean your e-scooter has unnecessary friction and causes resistance. Find out more about effective cleaning in our electric scooter maintenance guide.

Never completely drain the battery

The best way to prevent your e-scooter from losing range over time is to ensure you never completely drain the battery. Batteries naturally drain over time - their wear and tear is inevitable. On average, a lithium-ion battery will last two to three years (approximately 300 to 500 cycles). 

That being said, every time your electric scooter’s battery is fully drained, it loses some of its capacity. If you keep fully draining your battery, it will not last as long as it should. Charging your battery frequently and never letting it go completely flat is the best remedy.

Ensure your brakes free fully when not applied

When you apply your brakes, they should close firmly around the brake discs on the wheels. When you release them, they should return to their original position, and no longer be in contact with the brake discs. If your brakes don’t release properly, this will cause unnecessary friction for your e-scooter and in turn reduce the range you will be able to achieve.

To make sure that your brakes are set properly, spin your e-scooter’s wheels manually and see if there is friction occurring between the brakes and brake discs. If there is friction, then you may need to adjust the brake settings. You can find out more about tyre care in our e-scooter servicing guide.

Avoid the hills

What goes up must come down…but we recommend avoiding steep slopes and hills if you want to maximise your range. The ranges provided by manufacturers are based on usage on a completely flat, smooth surface. 

If you’re looking to get the absolute max from your e-scooter’s range, aim to ride on as flat and smooth a surface as you can. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but if there are two route options of equal distance, and one has hills where the other doesn’t, choose the flat option.

Can the range of your electric scooter be extended?

It might seem like scooter-sorcery, but you can increase the range of your electric scooter. How can it be done? Regenerative braking.

What is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking is when the energy that is built up in the process of braking is fed back into the battery. Many of our electric scooters come equipped with this smart feature which can actually extend the total range you are able to achieve. 

How to use regenerative braking

If your e-scooter is equipped with this smart feature, then that’s all there is to it, right? Wrong. 

You can use the regenerative braking in such a way that you get every ounce of extra charge out of it. Instead of braking hard and fast, try braking gently and continuously. This will ensure that you get as much of that braking power back into battery power as possible.

With all this said, riding your e-scooter should be an enjoyable experience, not an algebraic nightmare where all the stars need to align for you to make it to your end destination. We always recommend that you plan charge breaks regularly to avoid a situation where you run out of battery midway through your journey. 

If you require any further information about the range of electric scooters stocked by The E-Scooter Co., please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.