Kaabo Wolf King Review

Kaabo Wolf King Review

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King Electric Scooter is a one of a kind off road e-scooter which is completely unmatched in every area of performance. This is not your typical electric scooter, this is a top of the range electric scooter which is incredibly powerful with dual motors for balanced and reliable power output. We were extremely surprised with the power, trust me, it's fast! It handles really well and it feels extremely solid.

It's hard to go past the front and rear 1500w motors with a top speed of 100k/h when used on private property. It has an incredible range of up to 150km on a single charge thanks to the enormous 72v -28AH Samsumg battery, which is truly exceptional range from a single charge. Because the battery is so large it does take 9 hours to fully recharge (under 6 hours with two chargers), but you won't need to recharge as often with the 150km range.

Unlike most other electric scooters this model has powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with ABS for excellent all weather control. It is also equipped with front hydraulic suspension and rear springs, as well as 11" off-road tyres for a smooth ride. The BMS Smart Battery Management System accurately shows you battery life and improves battery efficiency. When you're done riding you can easily fold away the Wolf Warrior for transport or storage. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King stands alone as an off-road electric scooter that can go all day and hit an amazing 80km/h, with a maximum range of 150km for hours of fun off-road.

We loved it, it was solid, powerful, fast and handled really well. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King boasts power and strength, it's fantastic off-road and extremely solid. The gold colour really does stand out!

Check out the Wolf Warrior King here: Wolf Warrior King Electric Scooter, or check out the full Kaabo range here!