Dualtron Foot rest + handle Tooth fairy

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If you add this Dualtron foot rest and handle to your electric scooter, you don’t just improve the comfort of your ride, but you’ll elevate the overall look and feel. A simple but hugely effective piece of kit, this foot rest is eye catching in design and easy to attach, even for a novice. Available in a matte black with red accents, this Dualtron foot rest allows a comfortable resting spot at the rear of the deck. Compatible with the Ultra, DT3 and Thunder electric scooters.

Electric Scooters are not to be used on public roads, Cycle lanes or footpaths. It is the Customers complete responsibility to ensure that their E Scooter is used in accordance with all local and country laws. The customer when purchasing through The E-Scooter Co. trading as E Scooter Professionals Ltd accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated to the use of an E Scooter and/or any other products purchased from The E Scooter Co. The customer accepts full responsibility and waivers their rights to hold E Scooter Professionals Ltd trading as The E-Scooter Co. or its owners from any liability caused in association, directly or indirectly with their use unless due to the negligence of the company or a defective product.  Electric Scooters are not for the use of anyone under the age of 18. 

Dualtron Foot rest + handle Tooth fairy - The E-Scooter Co.
Dualtron Foot rest + handle Tooth fairy - The E-Scooter Co.

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