E-Scooter Law

Electric Scooters are not to be used on public roads, Cycle lanes or footpaths.

The legalities of riding an E Scooter :

Currently it is illegal to ride an E scooter on “public paths” or “pavements”.

This is due to an 183 year-old law classifying them as a 'carriage'. 

The law:

"If any person shall wilfully ride upon any footpath or causeway by the side of any road made or set apart for the use or accommodation of foot passengers; or shall wilfully lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description, or any truck or sledge, upon any such footpath or causeway; or shall tether any horse, ass, mule, swine, or cattle, on any highway, so as to suffer or permit the tethered animal to be thereon."

The UK's Department for Transport views electric scooters as ‘Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV)’, because they’re powered by a motor, requiring them to be registered and taxed via the DVLA. However, the law allows pedal-assisted electric bikes that are capped at 15.5 mph. 

This law was written over 200 years ago and we think that scooting has such a positive effect on the environment and peoples daily commute. Scooters have evolved quickly and laws take a while to change. They just don't exist in the eyes of the law and laws take time to change. 

There are currently government initiatives to have E-scooters legalised alongside Bikes and other commuters. Please read our guide to e-scooter rules and regulations for more information.

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