Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter

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Dualtron Ultra
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The Dualtron Ultra electric scooter offers a lot for its higher price point. Built using high-quality materials, such as aviation-grade aluminium alloy, this ride is nothing short of excellent. Roaring along the road at top speeds of 15mph, and attacking inclines of up to 47%, the Dualtron Ultra packs a punch with a range up of to 75 miles. With its EYE throttle assembly, ABS brakes, 60V battery and an enormous 5400W BLDC dual hob motor, this is a supreme scooter. 


Electric Scooters are not to be used on public roads, Cycle lanes or footpaths. It is the Customers complete responsibility to ensure that their E Scooter is used in accordance with all local and country laws. The customer when purchasing through The E-Scooter Co. trading as E Scooter Professionals Ltd accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated to the use of an E Scooter and/or any other products purchased from The E Scooter Co. The customer accepts full responsibility and waivers their rights to hold E Scooter Professionals Ltd trading as The E-Scooter Co. or its owners from any liability caused in association, directly or indirectly with their use unless due to the negligence of the company or a defective product.  Electric Scooters are not for the use of anyone under the age of 18. 

Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter - The E-Scooter Co.
Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter - The E-Scooter Co.